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I Was Beat Up In A Bar, Can I Sue?

The sad truth is, all too often, someone goes out to a bar for an enjoyable night on the town, and someone drinks more than they should.  An altercation ensues, and soon there is a fight in which a few, or a lot, of patrons are injured.  Every assault and batter injury case is different and it takes a skilled lawyer to discern the real culprit.  If police file assault charges, an injured victim can easily reference those charges in their lawsuit to reclaim damages caused by the injury.  A police report from the incident will help indentify any person who were arrested and charged with assault. 

Assault Is Assault
When someone loses control in a bar, suddenly you can become a victim of assault injury and may need medical attention.  No matter what the explanation, assault is a crime.  If you have suffered an injury, you have the right to file a lawsuit.  Be sure to tell your lawyer everything that happened, they will most likely investigate further and learn if the perpetrator has a record, a history of assault, or a history of public intoxication. This information may help a judge rule in your favor.  If your assaulter is a repeat offender, you may have additional grounds to win you compensation.  The owner of the bar may also be liable under
premise liability laws.

Bouncers are supposed to keep order, but it has happened more than once that they forget they have no more legal right to attack a person than anyone else.  You may want to consider what part the bouncer played in your assault .  An injury lawyer will tell you that bouncers have no right to make you a victim during a bar fight, and should never have the right to touch or injure you in any way.

Another intoxicated patron can easily lead to more trouble, and these perpetrators may make you the victim of assault injury.  The police report filed on the night of the incident will provide evidence if an intoxicated patron caused injuries to any other patrons at the bar.  

If you become the victim of assault injury, you need to do all you can to keep notes about what happened so can inform your personal injury lawyer.  Take pictures of the place where the attack took place.  Ask witnesses who agree that you were the victim of assault to explain to you in detail what they witnessed during the incident.  It will help your injury lawyer prepare an even stronger lawsuit.

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