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What About Claims Against The Government?

If you have a personal injury case that involves a claim against a local, state, or federal agency there are very strict guidelines that must be met in order for you to obtain compensation for any injuries you or a loved one sustained. The first thing you should do no matter what is contact a personal injury lawyer in your state. There must be a notice of claim submitted within 60 days of the injury in most states. The reason this must be done is that all government agencies are entitled to what is called immunity to lawsuits and liability. This means that you have to have permission to sue the government agency.
There are specific laws and rules that specific the exact way in which a person can file a personal injury claim against the various government agencies. If these rules are not followed to the letter, you will lose the right to receive damages or compensation for any of your injuries that were caused by the government agency.
Even if you do not have the proof that the government agency was at fault, you still need to send in the notice of claim. Once the agency receives the notice, they will respond and either accept or deny your claim. In most cases, they will deny your claim, which then gives you the right to file a lawsuit in civil court.
Of course, consulting with a personal injury attorney that has experience against the government will be able to ensure your rights are not violated and you receive compensation for your injuries that are due to you under the law.

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