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What Type Of Lawyer Should I Hire For My Injuries?

If you have been a victim of assault injury, this is a crime can result in a criminal conviction.  It is also a civil offense that the victim of assault injury can be rewarded damages through a claim filed by a personal injury attorney.  A victim of assault injury should contact a personal injury attorney to ensure that they are compensated for their injuries. Experienced personal injury attorneys know criminal and civil law, and can advise you of your rights as a victim of assault.
Assault and Battery
Assault is part of a common law pairing of assault and battery that covers both the threat to do harm and the actual harm done to a victim of assault injury.  Assault is generally a misdemeanor that is defined as the threat to do harm, paired with the ability to perform that harm, resulting in fear in the victim of assault injury.  It can produce a real victim of assault injury, and cause the victim to seek the advice of an injury attorney.  Aggravated assault is a more serious crime that includes the threat of serious injury, often with a weapon in hand and can result in higher compensation from a suit filed by personal injury attorney on behalf of a victim of assault injury.  If you are a victim of assault injury, you can contact a personal injury attorney to learn your legal rights.

Battery is the actual harmful or unwanted contact to a person’s body, without the consent of a victim of assault injury.  This, too, is a criminal offense that can have lasting consequences both in criminal and civil court.  Anyone who has been the victim of battery should contact an attorney to learn his or her options for compensation.  The more serious form of battery is also called aggravated battery, and the victim has grounds for contacting a personal injury attorney to file a civil lawsuit. 

While it’s clear that these two crimes are distinctly different by definition, many states use them jointly to describe the crime of assault and battery.  Often people also use them interchangeably, so that only experts like lawyers would care to separate them.  The fact is, if you are a victim of assault injury or battery you have the right to contact a lawyer.  It depends on the level of injury, the level of intent to harm, and what other offenses might have been committed in conjunction with assault and/or battery to know how it is charged in criminal court.  These factors will also determine how personal injury attorneys can file for compensation for its victims.
Criminal and Civil Assault
An attorney can clarify the primary difference between criminal and civil assault is intent.  According to lawyers, criminal assault includes the intent to harm as well as the intent to do wrong or break the law, and a personal injury attorney can help you understand the difference.  Civil assault is addressed in a civil court by a lawyer who can file a lawsuit for damages for a victim of assault injury.  When there is serious harm that requires medical attention to the victim of assault injury, the perpetrator may be charged with felony assault.  They may be required to pay larger damage claims in civil court when an attorney files a claim against them for their victim of assault injury.

A victim of assault who has been assaulted by a repeat offender learns that a personal injury attorney may be able to sue for greater compensation. Once a criminal trial is concluded, a victim of assault can then contact a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for their medical costs, pain and suffering, and emotional damages.  It’s important to hire an experienced accident attorney who knows both criminal and civil law and can represent a victim of assault injury effectively. 

Extenuating Criminal Actions
There are additional crimes, which are committed in conjunction with assault upon a victim of assault injury, including sexual battery and spousal abuse, which result in steeper criminal charges and may allow a personal injury attorney or assault injury lawyer to seek increased damages for the victim of assault injury for whom they filed their suit.

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